Servicing and repairs for Fisher & Paykel washing machines

We offer a comprehensive range of services to repair any top-loading washing machine in the F & P range.
Here are some of the washing machines we repair on a regular basis: 
  • Smart Drive
  • Elba
  • Quicksmart
  • Washsmart
  • Aquasmart
  • Pride
  • Excellence
  • Intuitive / Eco
Our technicians are equipped with diagnostic testing kits to identify faults without delay. 

We repair Fisher & Paykel washing machines throughout East Auckland so contact us to make a booking today.
fresh, clean clothes coming out of washing machine
Common problems:  
  • Blocked pump
  • Not spinning
  • Won’t drain
  • Not powering up
  • No power
  • Beeps constantly 
Is your F & P washing machine showing one of these faults? There’s a very good chance we can fix it on the spot. 

Give us a call on 09 521 6040 to find out more.

A written warranty on every part

We guarantee our workmanship and provide a ‘no questions asked’ warranty on any parts we install. 
Call us today for more information about our washing machine repair guarantee!
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